The Background of the Land: Taste and Smell

The area of Laconia boasts of a variety of fresh produce one can taste .Namely known for its citrus plantations, it boasts up to 13 million olive trees in the whole precinct. Generation to generation the trees pass on in the families who gather during the cropping season to harvest their olives usually in early winter.

Tip: You will find that butter or vegetable oil is omitted in most recipes- one should use olive oil abundantly and taste the virgin olive oil which can be found in the whole of the Peloponnese.

We aim to produce most of its vegetables in the summer, namely tomatoes, aubergines and fresh herbs like basil, thyme and oregano. Simplicity is the key to most of our meals: from soil to table.

Starting from the fulfilling breakfast we also serve, in the common lounging area, gourmet dinners a la carte, depending on the culinary choices of our guests and the seasonality of our vegetable production. A wide variety of vegetarian and kid’s menu is available upon request. Most of our savoury cooking is slowly brewed in our stone oven using a variety of the finest local organic ingredients.

Needless to say, we are respectful of seasonality and will avoid serving products that have been imported.

Plethon Residence uses exclusively it’s own extra virgin olive oil, in order to control the whole process of the food experience. We aim to provide providing our guests with distinctive flavours respecting our culinary tradition and taste culture.

Besides Plethon Residence, we will be giving your dinner recommendations around the wider area and helping you select the best venue depending on your preferences. The wider area has many small little restaurants and tavernas that serve local dishes and offer local cuisine. Sparta is mainly a meat loving culture but one can find exquisite vegetarian dishes during the summer.

Asparagus Omelette

Warm your pan, medium heat, with the olive oil. Add the spring onions and the tips of the asparagus. Meanwhile, beat your eggs and when the onions have coloured into a golden colour. When the omelette is done, add some lemon zest as a garnish.


The apogeé of taste and unbeatable delicacy to meat lovers, the perfect crime to the more reserved, kokoretsi holds a strong foothold in the Easter tradition, not even budging to EU laws. I even discovered a recipe by the respected culinarian, Jamie Oliver.


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